Friday, September 2, 2011


Invitations:  Landlock Bride  Cake:  Wedding Bee
Try this palette of colors as we enter into fall.  Peach, black, gray and ivory will create a dark and dramatic setting.  Add a Starck Zenith Chandelier by Phillipe Starck for Baccarat or an assortment of mirrors.  Place it all in an industrial setting for a creative backdrop.
Photos From Top Clockwise- Table Decor: Elizabeth Anne Designs  Suit:  Mail Online  Stella McCartney Dress via Net-a-Porter  Charlotte Wedding Dress by Marchesa  Willow Silk-Crepe Dress via Net-a-Porter  Tabletop:  

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is it ladies...this is the day....the one day where the spotlight is on us.  A time to shine and look fabulous.  A day to dress up, strut our stuff and use the aisle as our runway!  Who doesn't want all the attention?  Spice it up and don't be shy.
Here are some attention getting accessories that will steal the show.  Add them to your hair or around your neck.  Use them to add color, a sparkle or a bold statement. There is no doubt you will have heads turning.

Headbands, flowers, bows or jewels.  All of which can be worn in various styles of hair.  Add a headband to soft curls, or a flower to a loose up-do.  Keep it simple with a bow or add a show-stopper piece. 

Photos:  Top Row- Left:  A La Mode  Right:  Luuux   Bottom Row- Left:  Flawless Faces  Upper:  Wed Loft by Wedding Window  Lower:  Bow 
Or try one of these great looks.  Chains, feathers, ribbon and pearls. Choose contrasting colors to add a pop or something sweet and romantic, like a multi-layered pearl necklace.

 Photos:  Top Left:  Marni  Top Right:  Lanvin on The Fashion Row  Bottom Left:  Yves Saint Laurent on Net-A-Porter
Bottom Middle:  Feather Necklace  Bottom Right:  Lanvin-Harper Bazaar 
Not only are all of these styles for you to wear on your wedding day but also try them to add pizzazz to your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner ensemble.  The possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


For those of us who have an unconditional love for our four-legged children, know it only makes sense to include them on our special day.  It's the least we can do for all the love (and slobber) they share!  Many brides are including their furry friends while walking down the isle, but before you do, read up on some tips on doggy etiquette when it comes to your wedding day.

Photos:  Top Row- Left:  Vegas Rock Dog  Middle:  Abby Jiu Photography  Right:  Dave & Charlotte  Middle Row- Left:  Laurel McConnell Photography  Right:  A & A Photography  Bottom Row- Left:  Wedding Photography by Chris Sherburne  Middle:  Project Wedding  Right:  Jennifer Bowen Photography
- When planning your ceremony and reception, make sure the cites are dog friendly.  Be sure to ask when scouting for the location so you know ahead of time.  Keep it outside, a ceremony that includes animals is really only appropriate outdoors.

- Designate someone to watch your pooch, whether it is a loved one or a professional.  Preferably someone who your dog is comfortable with and will be able to keep calm.  Water and potty breaks will be needed but not too much water or an off cue performance may occur!

- Make sure your dog is ready for their debut.  Ask yourself some questions.  How does he/she react to large crowds?  Children?  You know your dog best and no matter how bad you want to include them, be realistic about the situation.

- Be sure to let your photographer know you want those doggy shots!  You may want to take photos with your dog before the wedding, with a surrounding crowd it may be hard to have your dog sit still.

- Practice makes perfect! If your dog will be wearing a new item, such as a doggy tux or flower garland, put it on them several times before the event.  Offer praise and treats for their good work!

- Plan ahead.  Staying out of town?  Look into hotels that allow dogs in the rooms.  Prepare a place in the room where your dog can relax prior to and after the ceremony.  Local doggie daycares or dog walkers can help occupy your dogs time while preparing the morning of.

- Know where they are going after the ceremony.  Prepare for someone to take him or her to the hotel, home or the sitters.

With enough preparation and planning, having Mr. K-9 participate can be a seamless production. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


With fall just around the corner, we are holding onto the last of our summer days.  Ceremonies and receptions will soon be moved indoors and darker hues will start to appear.  Let's end summer with a bang in celebration of all the bright colors we have seen.

Pink can be bright and cheerful or soft and romantic.  You can fill a room with it, or have subtle pops of color.  Try pink + green, pink + black, or pink + purple.
Purple is a great to use for a romantic styled event.  It is a color that is seen year round and never seems to disappoint.  Try purple + gold, purple + chocolate brown, or purple + red.
Don't worry ladies, blue can be just as feminine as any other color.  Be playful with blue polka-dots or flirtatious with a bouquet of hydrangeas.  Try blue + green, blue + purple, or blue + silver.
Yellow is great for a sun-kissed centerpiece.  It can be bold or subtle but either way, it will make a statement.  Try yellow + tangerine, yellow + gold, or yellow + white.
Orange is a sweet summer shade and can be used throughout your wedding decor.  Play around with the color for a look that's bright, or try to lighten it up and create a peach accent.  Try peach + bronze, orange + green, or orange + navy blue.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Daphne is as dramatic as the red that surrounds her.  She knows how to act but her old time theater setting is all real.  Her love story is of those you see on stage ending in a "happily ever after." 


Sonja is glamor at its finest.  Brunch on a Sunday afternoon or a garden tea party is her ideal get together.  Pastel pink mixed with mauve creates a soft setting for this sweetheart.  Her southern charm is what the guests love best. 


Her skin is cold as ice but her heart is warm with love.  Samantha sparkles at every angle to give you a glimpse of her beauty.  Washed out in white with touches of silver, gold and dark blue, she will surround you in this enchanted world.